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O Modular está de volta para mais duas horas de synth.
Esta semana propomos na primeira parte o destaque para o novo do projeto “36” de Dennis Huddleston e um regresso a Black Mass by Lucifer, álbum clássico de horror por Mort Garson.
A segunda parte ficou a cabo de Pedro Vieira, dj e entusiasta do lado negro do synth, que entrega uma tremenda coleção que poderia ser mix de Halloween: Selfish Acts of Pleasure – a soundtrack for red rooms.
Na ultima parte a Teixen leva-nos à descoberta de alguns dos seus momentos favoritas da banda sonora de terror construida pelas máquinas, fechando aquilo a que chamámos a nossa edição Pós Halloween do Modular.

1.Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (SURVIVE) – Stranger Things Theme
2.Jenny Hval – Female Vampire
3.Kate Bush – Waking The Witch
4.Mort Garson – Evil Eye
5.Mort Garson – Witch Trial
6.Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Doll’s Polyphony
7.Wojciech Golczewski – Accept It
8.Rising Sun Systems – Croissant With Stravinski (Legowelt)
9.36 – Room 9
10.36 – Room 2
11.Actress – Ascending
12.Corin – Void
13.Martin Gore – Stealth
14.John Maus – Tenebrea
15.SYNTH MIX – Selfish Acts of Pleasure
16.Charles Bernstein – Nightmare on Elm Street Main Theme
17.Fabio Frizzi – Cannibal Ferox Main theme
18.Goblin – Tenebre
19.Goblin – Profondo Rosso (Main Titles)
20.Chu Ishikawa – Tetsuo Dance
21.Chu Ishikawa – Clock
22.Fred Myrow & Malcom Seagrave (Performed By: London Music Works)- Phantasm: Main Theme
23.John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13 (Main Title)
24.John Carpenter – Halloween II Main Theme
25.John Carpenter – The Fog
26.Jack Lenz – Goosebumps Theme
27.Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Let Us Dance

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This is a special one.

For the next two hours we delve into the new soundtrack by Cliff Martinez for The Neon Demon and a handful of parallel projects by the dudes from Tame Impala, among other beautiful weirdos like GUM and Major Organ and the Adding Machine.

Somewhere in the middle we try something new: Let’s Talk About Videogames with Kadgi and Teixen, when we remember the games and, more importantly, the outstanding synth tracks that underscored them.

Program fully spoken in portuguese and music.

1. Blood Orange – Desiree
2. Laure Briard – Chat
3. Balla – Placenta (Demo)
4. Dub Syndicate – Early Mafia
5. Michel Colombier – My Fairy In The Crystal Reeds
6. Ashra – Deep Distance
7. Roberto Cacciapaglia – Sparkling World
8. Cliff Martinez – Neon Demon
9. Cliff Martinez – Birthday Party for the Ham
10. Cliff Martinez – No Respite
11. Julian Winding – The Demon Dance
12. Cliff Martinez – Runway
13. Luxury Elite – Dynamic
14. Especial Videojogos 1: Consolas
15. GUM – Anesthetized Lesson (Kevin Parker Remix)
16. GUM – Glamorous Damage
17. Abbe May – Mammalian Locomotion (Kevin Parker / Cam Avery Remix)
18. Pond – Giant Tortoise
19. Avey Tare – Oliver Twist
20. Astro – Panda
21. Major Organ and the Adding Machine – Dance of the Telephone Poles
22. Major Organ and the Adding Machine – What a Wonderful World
23. Spectrum and Silver Apples – Walkin
24. Spider And The Flies – Jungle Planet
25. Crystal Castles – Concrete
26. John Maus – My Hatred is Magnificent
27. Manuel Göttsching – Echo Waves