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Our show is finally getting back on track, and we almost made it if it wasn’t for some missing audio right at the beginning. So, apart from not presenting the beautiful How Would You Like To Go? from the great Temples, we got you two hours dedicated to the beauty and variety of synth.
Heads up for our regular exclusive guest mix, this time by the one-man project Falha Humana. It’s 30 minutes of the best synth pop with a very interesting second single for the project, “Acidente”.

Also this week: Kate Wax, Claire Hamill and Synergy, by Larry Fast.

Follow Falha Humana at his bandcamp:

Catch Rádio Quântica Live right here:

1.Temples – How Would You Like To Go?
2.Depeche Mode – Cover Me
3.Synergy – Paradox: Icarus
4.Kate Bush – Army Dreamers
5.Synergy – Phobos And Deimos Go To Mars: Deimos
6.Synergy – Delta Two
7.Blanche Blanche Blanche – She’s Adopted
8.Synergy – Ancestors
9.Claire Hamill – Winter: Icicle Rain
10.Claire Hamill – Spring: Awaken (Larkrise)
11.Ahmed Malek – Tape 12 Track 1
12.Joakim – Samurai
13.Charli XCX – Emotional
14.Nate Connelly – The Sound Of You Stood (Frequent Traveller remix)
15.Falha Humana – Mix
16.Nicolas Jaar – Killing Time
17.White Lies – Come On
18.Haiku Garden – Rosetta
19.Kate Wax – Dust Collision
20.Kate Wax – Echoes And The Light
21.Forest Swords – The Highest Flood
22.Tennis – In The Morning I’ll Be Better
23.Anne Clark – Our Darkness


Regardless of some annoying sound problems, Modular is back with another selection of processed tunes and a new guest mix, this time by our good friend Ivan do Carmo.
As usual, MODULAR is two hours of synthesizer based music, this week celebrating events like the release of Jane Weaver’s new single Slow Motion, Batente Malandro’s new EP, the return of our Lord and Savior Jeff Mills to the classic movie techno soundtracks and some insistence in the gorgeous new Austra album, between other sweet sweet gems.

1.Jane Weaver – Slow Motion
2.Hype Williams – Zkittles
3.Batente Malandro – Lounger
4.Jonas Munk – Caffeine Blues
5.Luar Domatrix – Bocadinho de Alentejo
6.Gonzo – Agora Baixou o Sol
7.Vitalic – Hans Is Driving (feat Miss. Kittin)
8.Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – Lick and a Promise
9.Jeff Mills – The Escape
10.Jeff Mills – Captured and Under Their Control
11.Lawrence English – Object of Projection
12.Drab Magesty – Too Soon To Tell (Cold Cave Remix)
13.SYNTHOMUITO MIX, by Ivan do Carmo
14.Owen Pallett – Infernal Fantasy
15.Julian Casablancas – Old Hollywood
16.Julian Casablancas – 30 Minute Boyfriend
17.Bibio – Down To The Sound
18.Arthur Russell – Losing My Taste For The Night Life
19.King Krule – The Noose Of Jah City
20.Austra – Deep Thought
21.Austra – 43
22.Sixth June – Night Before
23.Lebanon Hanover – Babes Of The 80s (Tobias Bernstrup Remix)
24.M83 – Moonchild

1. Crystal Castles – Femen
2. Newman Wolf – Please Keep Talking
3. Moscoman – Deluded Heart
4. Pick a Piper – Nikko
5. Daniel Avery – Drone Logic
6. Helios – Embrace
7. Crystal Castles – Their Kindness is Charade
8. Preoccupations – Memory

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//// O Modular vai celebrar o seu primeiro aninho de existência e por isso decidimos transportar o espírito do programa para uma festa e juntar algumas das pessoas que contribuíram para o programa ao longo do ano. \\\\

// Batente Malandro —
// Kadgi —
// Gui Gó —
// Teixen —
// Tiago Saint-Maurice —

Local: EKA Palace — Calçada Dom Gastão 12, 1900-194 Lisboa
Entrada: 2 Euros c/ Cerveja incluída


In celebration and/or loving memory, we embraced the first year without the Dame and compiled some of his best synthesized moments.
The second hour is filled with some darkdisco and coldwave for your winter heart’s content.

1.David Bowie – Space Oddity
2.Great Pagans – The Man Who Sold The World
3.David Bowie – After All
4.David Bowie – See Emily Play
5.David Bowie – Future Legend
6.David Bowie – Sound And Vision
7.David Bowie – Subterraneans
8.David Bowie – Sense of Doubt
9.David Bowie – Look Back In Anger
10.David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes
11.David Bowie – Time Will Crawl
12.David Bowie – Ian Fish, U.K. Heir
13.Nine Inch Nails – A Warm Place
14.David Bowie – Segue – Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name
15.David Bowie – Wishful Beginnings
16.David Bowie – A Better Future (Remix by Air)
18.David Bowie – Brilliant Adventure
17.David Bowie – Telling Lies (Paradox Mix By A Guy Called Gerald)
19.Body of Light – Tremble
20.Freudenthal, Lauren Owsiany – Manifest
21.Tesla Boy – Synthetic Prince
22.Tesla Boy – Rebecca
23.Dance with the Dead – Skeletons in the Attic
24.Dance with the Dead – Nightdrive
25.Slovenlie – Ritual
26.Drab Majesty – Cold Souls
27.Pardon Moi – Addiction (k-effect Remix)
28.TOY – I’m still believing
29.Tronic – Somebody that I used to know back in the 80s
30.David Bowie – Love is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Remix by James Murhy for the DFA)

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O Modular fecha o ano com um apanhado de muito do que nos deu mais gozo passar aqui em 2016. Novidades, clássicos, reedições e bizarrias em mais duas horas ao serviço da musica sintetizada, em todas as suas formas. Tem sido um mimo.

1.Iamamiwhoami – Hunting For Pearls
2.Barbelle – OHWHYYEAH
3.Ross From Friends – Talk To Me, You’ll Understand
4.Xiu Xiu – Into The Night
5.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Rings of Saturn
6.Lena Platonos – Bloody Shadows From Afar
7.Fatima Yamaha – Love Invaders
8.Geneva Jacuzzi – Cannibal Babies
9.Moderat – Running
10.Gum – Glamorous Damage
11.PERTURBATOR – Humans Are Such Easy Prey
12.Crystal Castles – Their Kindness Is Charade
13.Blood Orange – Desiree
14.The Electronic Circus – Direct Lines
15.Oppenheimer Analysis – The Devil’s Dancers
16.Klaus Johann Grobe – Rosen des Abschieds
17.Farah – Dancing Girls
18.Lucia Reine – Maman pa pléré
19.Pedrinho – Odio Sem Valor
20.36 – Room 1
21.Var – No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers
22.Thundercat – Tenfold
23.Spectrum and Silver Apples – Walkin
24.Suicide – Rocket Usa
25.Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze – III/4 Phantom Heart Brother
26.Mort Garson – Plantasia
27.Li Garattoni – Rain Rain
28.Jenny Hval – The Great Undressing
29.Michel Colombier – My Fairy In The Crystal Reeds
30.Luxury Elite – Dynamic
31.The Gasman – AT4
32.John Bender – 35B1


A edição número 13 do Modular está online e temos duas horas bem especiais para quem aprecia a sua música sintetizada. Na primeira hora recordamos uma das melhores trilhas sonoras para um filme de horror desde os grandes tempos dos 80 – A Girl Walks Alone At Night – (atenção à fenomenal Dancing Girls de Farah) e conhecemos um dos santo graal da new wave grega dos 80, a perturbante Shadow of Blood por Lena Platonos.

Na segunda hora recomendamos um novo projeto português de nome FALHA HUMANA e a mui intima Dança Menina, seguida de relaxamento absoluto com um especial de musica modular/sintetizador criada e tocada para plantas. Começamos com o genial Mort Garson e o seu Plantasia e desbravamos por Roger Roger e Jöel Fajerman entre outros, para terminar a viagem no album ao vivo de Lolina, ou Inga Copeland.

1.Hiroshi Yoshimura – Flora
2.Junior Boys – Over It
3.Farah – Dancing Girls
4.White Lies – Death (Album Version)
5.Decadance – On And On (Fears Keep On)
6.Herr Doktor – Time For Love
7.Lorn – AnVIl
8.Choir of Young Believers – Perfect Estocada (Kasper Bjorke Remix)
9.S U R V I V E – Wardenclyffe
10.Moderat – Running
11.Chad Valley – Fast Challenges
12.Sean Nicholas Savage – Chin Chin
13.Lena Platonos – Shadow Of Blood
14.King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown – Augustus Pablo
15.Falha Humana – Dança Menina
16.Éme – Escolhe o Teu Veneno
17.Nobuo Uematsu – Balamb Garden
18.Mort Garson – Plantasia
19.Mort Garson – Swingin’ Spathiphyllums
20.Mort Garson – Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant
21.Ara Peterson – White Widow
22. Phil Manley – Green Theme
23.Jöel Fajerman – Racines Synthétiques
24.Roger Roger – Rhapsody In Green I – Effluves
25.Lolina – Chance
26. Lolina – Lolina (In Concert) feat. Audience
27.36 – Room 1
28.Xiu Xiu – Wondering
29.Perturbator – Humans Are Such Easy Prey


O Modular está de volta para mais duas horas de synth.
Esta semana propomos na primeira parte o destaque para o novo do projeto “36” de Dennis Huddleston e um regresso a Black Mass by Lucifer, álbum clássico de horror por Mort Garson.
A segunda parte ficou a cabo de Pedro Vieira, dj e entusiasta do lado negro do synth, que entrega uma tremenda coleção que poderia ser mix de Halloween: Selfish Acts of Pleasure – a soundtrack for red rooms.
Na ultima parte a Teixen leva-nos à descoberta de alguns dos seus momentos favoritas da banda sonora de terror construida pelas máquinas, fechando aquilo a que chamámos a nossa edição Pós Halloween do Modular.

1.Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (SURVIVE) – Stranger Things Theme
2.Jenny Hval – Female Vampire
3.Kate Bush – Waking The Witch
4.Mort Garson – Evil Eye
5.Mort Garson – Witch Trial
6.Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Doll’s Polyphony
7.Wojciech Golczewski – Accept It
8.Rising Sun Systems – Croissant With Stravinski (Legowelt)
9.36 – Room 9
10.36 – Room 2
11.Actress – Ascending
12.Corin – Void
13.Martin Gore – Stealth
14.John Maus – Tenebrea
15.SYNTH MIX – Selfish Acts of Pleasure
16.Charles Bernstein – Nightmare on Elm Street Main Theme
17.Fabio Frizzi – Cannibal Ferox Main theme
18.Goblin – Tenebre
19.Goblin – Profondo Rosso (Main Titles)
20.Chu Ishikawa – Tetsuo Dance
21.Chu Ishikawa – Clock
22.Fred Myrow & Malcom Seagrave (Performed By: London Music Works)- Phantasm: Main Theme
23.John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13 (Main Title)
24.John Carpenter – Halloween II Main Theme
25.John Carpenter – The Fog
26.Jack Lenz – Goosebumps Theme
27.Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Let Us Dance


Com a edição número 11 do Modular chegam-nos novos discos de Xander Harris e dos Kayo Dot, assim como recordações para Nite Jewel e Teeth Of The Sea, entre muitos em mais duas horas na Quântica dedicas na integra ao sintetizador, em todas as suas formas.

Lá pelo meio fazemos paragem para um pequeno Best Of do synth segundo o ouvido do projeto Lado B8, ou Fita Cassete.

1. Lucie Reine – Maman Pa Pleré
2. Geneva Jacuzzi – Cannibal Babies
3. Nite Jewel – Want You Back
4. Nite Jewel – Lover
5. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – No End
6. Brett – Lost City
7. Hibou – Valium
9. Teeth Of The Sea – Put Me On Your Shoulders So I Can See The Rats
10. Teeth Of The Sea – The Servant
11. Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin – Uptown Psychedelia
12. MIX: Lado B8 – My Synth Friend
13. Kayo Dot – All the Pain in All the Wide World
14. Lansing-Dreiden – Symbol Of Symmetry
15. Kayo Dot – Brittle Urchin
16. Fear of Men – Sane
17. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – I Need You
18. Adrian Younge – Suicidal Love
19. Pye Corner Audio – Vorsicht
20. Xander Harris – Straight Up Satan
21. Xander Harris – Predator State
22. Nimmo – Dilute This (Maya Jane Coles Remix)


Duas novas horas dedicadas ao sintetizador e tudo o que o rodeia, desta vez com destaques para o novo de Jenny Hval e para o clássico “Major Tom” de Peter Schilling na sua versão realmente completa, entre outras novidades e recordações.

Lá pelo meio, antena aberta para Tiago Saint-Maurice que nos oferece nesta edição meia hora de synth opressivo, incluindo Suuns só para me chatear. 🙂

1.The Gasman – Hype
2.Trentemøller – Deceive feat. Sune Rose Wagner
3.Blank Banshee – Teen Pregnancy
4.Khidja – Mustafa
5.Prince Rama – Bahia
6.Tesla Boy – Spirit of the Night
7.Gesaffelstein – Destinations
8.Message – Dernière Nuit
9.Xosar – Watching Waiting Wanting
10. MIX – Tiago Saint-Maurice
11.Lafawndah – Crumb
12.Telectuc – Performance #
13.Jenny Hval – Conceptual Romance
14.Jenny Hval – The Great Undressing
15.Lindstrøm – Closing Shot
16.Ulas Pakkan – Dere Boyu Kavakla
17.Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Coming Home)
18.Peter Schilling – Major Tom, Part II
19.Units – Cowboy
20.Mecanica Popular – La Edad Del Bronce
21.Dominatrix – Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominatrix mix)
22.Matias Aguayo – El Sucu Tucu



Com a Sara doente, cabe ao Miguel encaminhar mais duas horas dedicadas ao synth e arredores na Quântica, com destaques na primeira parte para os saudosos Lansing-Dreiden e Aeriform de Gasman (na foto); na segunda parte (curada pela Sara) para Fatima Yamaha, I Break Horses, TOY e a surpresa agradável que é o ultimo Crystal Castles.

1. The Electronic Circus – Direct Lines
2. Lafawndah – Tan
3. Gina x – Performance
4. Li Garatonni – Child of Venus / Orbital Star
5. Kate Bush – Pulll out the pin
6. Laurie Briard – Accoudée au bar
7. LA Vampires Featuring Matrix Metals – So unreal
8. The Gasman – Fade
9. The Gasman – AT4
10. Lansing-Dreiden – Glass Corridor
11. Lansing-Dreiden – Part of the promisse
12. Lansing-Dreiden – A line you can cross
13. Lansing-Dreiden – Our hour
14. Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht – Hang on to life
15. Violens – Be still
16. Lansing-Dreiden – Dethroning the optimyth
17. Arthur Brown & Craig Leon – Morning was cold
18. S. Olbricht – Fadaísco
19. Fatima Yamaha – Love invaders
20. Farima Yamaha – Sushi and Baklava
21. I Break Horses – Denial
22. I Break Horses – Faith
23. Tropic Of Cancer – Be Brave
24. Crystal Castles – Their Kindness Is Charade
25. Crystal Castles – Char
26. Of Montreal – Oslo in the Summertime
27. TOY – Colours Running Out
28. TOY – Left Myself Behind
29. Factory Floor – Ya
30. Wild Beasts – Eat Your Heart Out Adonis