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Modular 30

bach Illustration by Matt Dorfman
bach Illustration by Matt Dorfman

Wendy Carlos was the first to rework the music of Johann Sebastian Bach for the synthesizer, but by no means the last. This week we cover the outstanding Bach to Moog by master Craig Leon, so expect a truckload of great modern classical music.
For the next two hours expect also synth melters by Pink Floyd, Surma, Clark and a new behemoth of an album by vaporwaver Nmesh.



1.Craig Leon , Jennifer Pike, Johann Sebastian Bach – Arioso (Sinfonia)
2.EERA – Linving
3.John Maus – Walls Of Silence
4.Craig Leon – Region of Fleeing Civilians
5.Wendy Carlos – Sinfonia to cantata
6.Craig Leon , Jennifer Pike, Johann Sebastian Bach – Toccata And Fugue In D Minor
7.Craig Leon & Cassell Webb – Oh Jesse (Unreleased Microtonal Experiment)
8.Pink Floyd – Careful with That Axe, Eugene (Single Version)
9.Strategy – Be Careful With That AX-60, Eugene
10.John Carpenter – Dark Star
11.Nmesh – PBS Ancillary Rack Room
12.Nmesh – Cocktails In Space
13.Nmesh – Tiny Classified Ads (FIRE-TOOLZ Effexor Withdrawal Remix)
14.Coldcut x On-U Sound – Kajra Mohabbat Wala Feat. Hamsika Iyer (OTT Remix)
15.Surma – Maasai
16.Surma – Nyika
17.Nils Frahm – More
18.Bibio – Down To The Sound
19.Carla Dal Forno – What You Gonna Do Now
20.Ariel Pink – Feels Like Heaven
21.MGMT – Little Dark Age
22.LCD Soundsystem – Tonite
23.Health – Before Tigers (Gold Panda Remix)
24.I Hate Models – Cyanure Dance
25.Veil Of Light – Trust (Phase Fatale Remix)
26.Clark – Honey Badger



JAKUZI, cover art for 2017’s Fantezi Muzik

Session number 29 is here and the highlights are sun: John Maus, Gus Gus, Kölsch, new tracks from US Girls, Laraaji, and even some very classy city pop at the end.

But we are more than excited and honored to have a special exclusive mix done by none other than Dj Serotonin. It’s a cold dark ride spoken in a lot of different languages, including one of our favorite songs of the year, the tear inducing Koca bir Saçmalik by Turkish trio Jakuzi.



1.US Girls –
Mad as Hell
2.David Bowie –
Breaking Glass (Australian Single Version)
3.John Maus –
Over Phantom
4.John Maus –
Sensitive Recollections
5.The Balustrade Ensemble –
Goodbye Leona Dare
7.Julee Cruise –
The Swan
8.Laraaji –
9.Caterina Barbieri –
Patterns of Consciousness
10.J.G. Biberkopf –
From Infinity To Here
11.Helena Hauff –
12.Kölsch –
13.Kölsch –
14.Bastion –
A Hot Day In Mexico
16.Gus Gus –
Within you (Venerian Dub Remix)
17.Gus Gus –
18.We Are Parasols –
19.Hype Williams –
The Throning
20.Inga Copeland –
21.Ariel Pinks Haunted Grafitti –
Fright Night (Nevermore)
22.Agar Agar –
Prettiest Virgin
23.Com Truise –
24.Taeko Onuki –

ADAN & ILSE – Boys In Eyeliner (spin remix by Theremynt)
Boy Harsher – Motion
Cold Colors & Xiu – Love fades away
To Feed a Neon Forest – Finished sketch your image
Geneva Jacuzzi – Casket
Jakuzi – Koca bir sac¸malik
H ø r d – RFLX
Street Fever – Resistor
Los Esmiz – La Patrulla A´guila