Modular #28

maus again
John Maus

Rejoice! The September edition is here and high on fresh new releases from Hype Williams (now back as a duo), Teengirl Fantasy and John Maus. Find out what’s Kadgi’s tune of the summer and melt with Teixen’s selection of some really solid dark house with names like Black Light Smoke, Red Axes and Alien Alien.



1.Teengirl Fantasy – Crash Soft
2.Teengirl Fantasy – All of the Time
3.Xordox – Pink Eye
4.Hype Williams – Loud Challenge
5.Hype Williams – The Whole Lay
6.Laure Briard – Je m’éloigne
7.Molly Nilsson – Tender Surrender
8.John Maus – Fish with Broken Dreams
9.John Maus – The Combine
10.Chrome Sparks – Send the Pain On
11.Moon Diagrams – Moon Diagrams
12.Moon Diagrams – Nightmoves
13.Washed Out – Get Lost
14.Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Audio Track 5
15.Löbo – Noite
16.Etienne Jaumet – Metallik Cages (Acid Arab Remix)
17.Red Axes – Waiting For a Surprise (Manfredas Remix)
18.Black Light Smoke – Morning Comes (feat. Léah Lazonick) (Original Mix)
19.Black Light Smoke – Firefly (feat. Léah Lazonick)
20.Red Axes, Abrão – Caminho De Dreyfus
21.La Mverte – A Game Called Tarot (Alejandro Paz Remix)
22.Khidja – Indecis (Red Axes Remix)
23.Alien Alien – Sambaca
24.Alien Alien – Secret Sabbah


Modular Ep #27

Francesco Messina

This month we highlight Francesco Messina‘s 83 master work Medio Occidente, bring back Mike & Rich, celebrate the late great Pierre Henry and dedicate the entire second hour to a selection of recent essential dance tracks.
Right in the middle of the show, you get a rerun: Boi Jorge‘s exclusive mix is back and justice has finally been served.



1.Francesco Messina – Russian Tea Room
2.Burning Hearts – Folie a Deux
3.Ikonika – Girlfriend
4.Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – An Intention
5.Francesco Messina – Uffici Del 126° Piano
6.Francesco Messina – Harem
7.Mike & Rich – Reg
8.Harmonia – Hausmusik
9.Delia Derbyshire and The Radiophonic Workshop – Wolves & Sheep
10.Xordox – Diamonds
11.Pierre Henry – Psyché Rock
12.Vex Ruffin – The World
13.Chino Amobi – Kollaps
14. MIX – Boy Jorge (RERUN)
15.Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
16.Annie – Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix)
17.Buz Ludzha – Basslines For Life
18.Digitalism – Idealistic
19.I heart Sharks – Neuzeit (Alloynix Remix
20.Foals – Late Night (Solomun Remix)
21.Klaxons – Golden Skans (Sebastian Remix)
22.The Knife – Pass This On (Shaken-Up Version)


coldwave · dark techno · darkwave · dreampop · minimal synth · synth

Modular #26

This session originally aired at the end of June, that time of the year when we compile the best we heard so far in 2017.

So join us in this most random of games for the next two hours, where we celebrate the first part of 2017 in all things synth.

Kadgi’s picks
1.Synergy – Paradox: Icarus
2.Jane Weaver – Slow Motion
3.Actress – X22rme
4.Varg – Snake City Maserati Music
5.Vex Ruffin – 0.125
6.Chino Amobi – Blood of the Covenant
7.Molly Nilsson – Mona-Lisa’s Smile
8.Fishbach – Un Autre Que Moi
9.Masumi Hara – Orion
10.Ohal – Acid Park
11.Graeme Miller & Steve Shill – The Moomins Theme
12.Terre Thaemlitz – Soon I Will Be Free
13.Claire Hamill – Spring Awaken (Larkrise)
14.Sverre Knut Johansen – Sphere Alliance

Teixen’s picks
15.Baltra – Dis Aura
16.Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk – Mst
17.Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl
18.Phoenix – Ti Amo
19.Alphaville – Dance With Me
20.Julian Casablancas – Old Hollywood
21.Drab Majesty – Cold Souls
22.Xarah Dion – Sillage Et Caprice
23.M!R!M – Liebe Machen
24.Locust Revival – Old Love
25.Ellen Allien – Call Me
26.Moa Pillar – Ambush
27.Austra – 43
28.Slowdive – Sugar for the Pill


coldwave · japanese · new wave · synth

Modular #25

Modular is back on Mixcloud with another podcast.

At the time we were celebrating new releases from Jane Weaver, Sherwood & Pinch, Ghost Hunt and Ryuichi Sakamoto among a lot of other exciting synth stuff.

Batente Malandro delivers once again with a second exclusive mix, riddled with great jams and some potent Hi-NRG backbreakers. Good times.

You can/should follow RÁDIO QUÂNTICA LIVE right here:

1.Flying Lotus – Twin Peaks
2.Éme – Roma – Sé
3.Jane Weaver – The Architect
4.Jane Weaver – Did You See Butterflies
5.IU – Jam Jam
6.NV – Kata
7.J.G. Biberkopf – New World Order
8.Varg – Snake City Maserati Music
9.The Cries – Waves
10.Batente Malandro – likewaterliketrees
11.Sherwood & Pinch – Gun Law
12.Sherwood & Pinch – Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
13.Ryuichi Sakamato – Life, Life
14.Ryuichi Sakamato – Stakra
16.Ishome – Sad Family
17.M!R!M – Homesick
18.M!R!M – Liebe Machen
19.Poice Des Moeurs – Première Neige
20.Âme – REJ
21.Ghost Hunt – Glows
22.Ghost Hunt – Solar Flares
23.Tangerine Dream – Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares